Crypto Payments, An Overview

There are two main categories of coins that are used in cryptocurrency, namely Stable Coins and Volatile Coins.

HAYVN partners with Venue Smart bringing cryptocurrency payments to the Australian market

Sydney, Australia (Date): HAYVN, the global institutional digital currency platform has expanded into the Australian market via its cryptocurrency payment solution ‘HAYVN Pay’ in partnership with Venue Smart.

HAYVN Pay is the HAYVN payment infrastructure that allows clients to accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method. HAYVN Pay delivers the technology, liquidity, and execution capabilities to process cryptocurrency payments and allows merchants and cashiers to provide a unique cryptocurrency payment solution. This announcement allows Australian customers of Venue Smart to open their business to an entirely new untapped market of cryptocurrency holders.

Christopher Flinos, Chief Executive Officer at HAYVN said “The expansion of HAYVN Pay into the Australian market allows thousands of merchants to offer their clients a seamless cryptocurrency payment solution via their E-commerce platform, Point of Sale (POS) device, or ATM, thus enabling their customers to make payments using cryptocurrency. As one of the world’s strongest cryptocurrency markets, we are excited to help Venue Smart continue to deliver exceptional payment technology to its clients.”

“HAYVN is looking forward to working in partnership with Venue Smart and bringing a new unique form of payment experience to the Australian consumer. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular around the world and our HAYVN Pay offering is at the forefront of cryptocurrency payment solutions for both merchants and payment service providers globally” says Christopher Flinos.

Frank Vorster, CEO Venue Smart, “we are excited about the partnership with Hayvn Pay. This partnership will bring with it the ability for both local customers and international tourists to make payment simply and quickly for goods and services within Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. With the added flexibility of merchants accepting payment in Cryptocurrency, 50/50 or Australian fiat currency at an unbeatable rate we are sure to make a splash. Currently we have 1,000s of merchants waiting for full implementation in the coming weeks. Our excitement resides in being the first to market with an unbeatable product backed by our renowned service.”

“HAYVN’s regulatory frameworks and strategic relationships with global banking partners via our trading division underpins HAYVN Pay and gives our clients the confidence to accept, promote and embrace cryptocurrency as a means of payment for all their clients around the world. We look forward to continuing our global expansion.” added HAYVN’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jonathan Wood.


HAYVN is the global standard in institutional digital currency platforms. Our platform provides secure OTC trading and custody capabilities, enabling customers to trade digital currencies simply, safely, and efficiently. Breaking through the complexity of digital currency trading and custody, HAYVN provides unprecedented levels of transparency, security, compliance, and best execution practices, bringing unique trading opportunities to our clients and the markets in which we operate. For more information, you can find us at

About Venue Smart

Venue Smart prides itself on being payment specialists. Their specialty is getting to know their client’s business and helping to restructure and replace their existing payment solutions. Venue Smarts’ goal is to drive efficiencies through automation, reduce payment-related overheads, including but not limited to; staff numbers, reconciliation times, and default payments, and also by reducing gateway processing costs. They do this by tailoring solutions to meet the needs of the organisations they work with. Venue Smart represents the world’s largest payment gateway within Australia.

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