Who is HAYVN & What is HAYVN Pay?

HAYVN is a Digital Asset Investment Bank with multi-jurisdiction regulation. Our platform provides secure OTC trading and custody capabilities allowing clients to buy, sell and custody large amounts of digital currency, enabling customers to trade digital currencies simply, safely, and efficiently.

Breaking through the complexity of digital currency trading and custody, HAYVN provides unprecedented levels of transparency, security, compliance, and best execution practices, bringing unique trading opportunities to our clients and the markets in which we operate.

HAYVN Pay is the HAYVN payment infrastructure system which allows clients to accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method. By controlling the entire transaction flow and functionality all the way through to wire settlements, HAYVN Pay delivers the technology, liquidity, and execution capabilities required for any merchant looking to utilize cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method.

What Sets HAYVN Pay Apart

HAYVN Pay does not charge any onboarding, implementation, or activation / monthly service fees. The HAYVN Pay solution allows merchants to provide a more unique payment option for their clients without any volatility risk.

Security, fraud mitigation, KYC and Blockchain analysis validation solutions all help secure the HAYVN Pay ecosystem to protect payment and client data, as well as cryptocurrency.

Our back-office reconciliation portal provides finance teams of any size with the enhanced reporting and reconciliation tools required to manage and integrate their cryptocurrency payment processing accounts into their existing financial systems.

Our regulatory frameworks and strategic relationships with global banking partners via our Trading division allows HAYVN to send unlimited Fiat wire settlements globally – quickly and consistently.

This is the payment certainty which underpins HAYVN Pay and gives our clients the confidence to accept, promote and embrace cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

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