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Venue Smart service 1,000s of events a year nationally ranging from the council, government and private events.

There is no event too small or too large for our team to service. Simply contact us and our local team can contact you.

We can cater for outdoor or indoor events of any size utilizing smartly designed trailers or stand-alone configurations. Venue Smart have experience in servicing national event companies and events requiring as much as $3,000,000 over a 21 day period.

Easy Mobile ATM Rentals For All Events

Most Foodies, Market Stall Holders or Entertainment providers prefer to be paid by event goers in cash. This is largely due to the exorbitant EFTPOS merchant fees that come with costly and confusing EFTPOS contracts. Also, due to the seasonality and ad hoc nature of most events its not feasible for Stall Holders to engage in a fixed term EFTPOS contract.

EFTPOS devices also carry with them a high risk of credit card fraud. With Cash the Stall Holders know that once they are paid the money has exchanged hands and it is not possibly going to be pulled from their account later.

The Venue Smart Difference

Up until now event organizers have been held to ransom by unfair and enormous ATM drop fees. Venue Smart, along with having the largest ATM event footprint in the country, have brought fairness back to the event space. Event organizers no longer have to cringe at invoices generated by our competition.

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Not only are Venue Smart fair and equitable we also pride ourselves in staying on site or nearby to ensure that if any unlikely equipment faults occur we can rectify those faults in a matter of moments. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy the events we service.

We can provide any requested denomination of notes for any event. If you prefer the bulk of supply in $20s then this can be done. Simply let us know what your needs are and we will meet them.

Atm Machine Hire Venue Smart specify a special configuration of Triton ATMs that makes them reliable, robust and suitable for the local climate. With literally hundreds of configuration types Venue Smart have tried most and in consultation with the engineers in the USA have tailored the ultimate ATM for the Australian and New Zealand market.

Venue Smart hold both single and dual cassette ATMs to cater for their specific markets and applications. All machines are EMV compliant, operate using Version 4 software and can be supplied prepped and ready for use in the market place – private labelled or under the Venue Smart banner.

ATM Hire With Venue Smart

Atm Machines Operating an ATM fleet through Venue Smart could not be easier with comprehensive insurance, tech support and a spare-parts warranty. Industry low rebate costs allow independent operators to benefit from our network’s significant processing volumes.

Other benefits for event organizers doing business with Venue Smart;

  • We will fit in with your schedule
  • Our ATMs report errors / issues before you are made aware
  • We typically remain on site to ensure uptime
  • We over-supply both cash and equipment
  • Our equipment is reliable
  • Our rates are fair
  • We take pride in what we do
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