Install An ATM At Your Shop Or Venue

Venue ATM Convenience Store

Venue Smart import and distribute Triton ATMs Australia-wide. Triton ATMs are manufactured in Mississippi, USA and are built reliable, robust and suitable for the Australian climate. Venue Smart have more than 300 ATMs operating under its banner nationally and include static ATMs and mobile ATMs for events.

An ATM for your Venue:
Our ATMs help businesses like yours to benefit from a hassle-free, trouble-free passive income. Our ATM only takes up 650mm x 450mm footprint. This footprint could help to add $100 to $1000s of additional monthly revenue to a business.

Venue Smart have been supplying ATM solutions into convenience stores, pubs, nightclubs, taverns, adult venues and cash only businesses for four years.

Benefits Of A Venue Smart ATM

  • 100% Australian-owned
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing and reliable service
  • Loyal & long-term relationships
  • Local support services
  • Locally stored spare parts
  • Reliable customer reporting
  • On-ground technicians
  • Punctual and direct payment
  • 24-hour dedicated tech support
  • Contract flexibility
  • Insurance ($20,000,000 cover)
  • No greedy clawbacks
  • Flexible transaction/screen fees

Venue Smart hold both single and dual cassette ATMs to cater for their specific markets and applications. All machines are EMV compliant, operate using the latest in Software options and can be supplied staged and ready for use in the marketplace.

Reliable ATM Installation And Servicing

Venue ATM at a Carwash

Venue Smart’s ATM technicians are our franchisees. As a broad rule of thumb, we do not allow ATM placement outside a 1-hour radius of the franchisee’s location. This ensures that our franchisees are well-positioned to provide unparalleled ATM service.

Our franchisees all undergo comprehensive technical training so that they can repair faults in-field. Our team focus on preventative maintenance reducing the chance of breakdowns/errors.

These technicians as well as our customers are further backed by some of the most experienced support services in the industry. We are dedicated to working with our customers and strengthening their trust in our ability to provide solutions.

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